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2000Industrial film viewer 
 2000 Series CCFL industrial-ray film film viewer is the company took two years of independent research and development products, and standards developed for the JB/T4730-2005 pressure equipment nondestructive testing and JB/T7903-1999 Industrial radiographic film viewer light " new products, our company with independent intellectual property rights.
The CCFL film viewer at home and abroad exclusively for the first time using the new light --- high brightness LED light or ultra-high brightness of the cold cathode fluorescent lamp (CCFL) as the light source production of high brightness industrial-ray film film viewer. Shell molding, beautiful appearance; small size, light weight, long life, good shock resistance, energy saving and environmental protection; achieve stepless dimming; with high brightness, contrast, image clarity is fluorescent class film viewer can not compared to the world surface of one of the few really see 5.0D above the cold light glare film viewer. Meet the the GB/T4730-2005 pressure equipment non-destructive testing and GB/T7903-1999 industrial-ray photographic film film viewer "standards, the products of the upgrading of existing industrial radiographic film film viewer. Widely used in the field of industrial inspection-ray film observation and assessment.

2000 industrial film film viewer performance characteristics

Excellent selection:
Observe the screen and optical materials using three Lingli Yang strains of Japanese-style social production of acrylic panels beyond the glass translucent and durable to ensure that no distortion, no discoloration.
Using the latest foreign technology
Using the most advanced true color TFT LCD backlight technology.
Reduce eye fatigue:
The high brightness LED light source or the German production of CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent lamp) light source flicker frequency per second more than 50,000 times, has been aware of an eye blinking, even after prolonged viewing, the eye is not easy fatigue.
Lamp long life, no noise, energy saving:
LED light source service life of 50,000 hours, CCFL service life over 30,000 hours, which is 20 times the service life of ordinary fluorescent lamps; due to the use of high-frequency inverter works, there is no traditional film viewer rectifier noise. Lamp heating is minimal, the use of more energy-efficient, power consumption is only 1/3 of the traditional observation of lights.
More suitable for reading the film:
More than 10000 ° K color temperature and realistic design of natural light painting light, the light more evenly spread, the brightness is less than 10%, so that the film images more realistic, pleasing to the eye more suitable for reading the film.
the 2000 industrial film film viewer technology parameters
Maximum brightness
140,000 Cd/m2
Light source
LED light source or CCFL cold cathode fluorescent
Observable blackness
Stepless dimming
Lamp life
Color temperature
9,000 K, the pan-blue light, you can reduce eye fatigue
Light the way
Foot control
Observe the screen size
Observation of bucket uniformity coefficient
Connected to the surface temperature of 12 hours
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