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  Digital black and white video monitor


Digital black and white video monitor

Scanning mode: linear array, convex, convex array

Inverter features: ultra-wideband multi-frequency conversion

Display mode: B, B / B, B, / M, 4B

Measuring functions: distance, area, perimeter, angle and other routine measurements;
Imaging technology: digital beamforming, real-time dynamic focusing, dynamic aperture, dynamic filter, dynamic beam apodized

Image magnification: Real-time ZOOM, enlarged, continuously adjustable magnification.

The postural Tags: multiple position markers

Movie playback: high-capacity movie playback, automatic / manual playback, playback speed is adjustable

Interfaces: DICOM 3.0 interface
Dual USB interface
The PAL-D, the interface

Standard configuration: Host
14 inches high score rate progressive scan display
Abdomen convex array probe a

  OptionsConvex array vaginal probe high-frequency linear array probe of small organs, the heart of the convex array probe, black and white video printer, cart the TR-8000, carts TR1000

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